Fuji xPro2 – and my trip to Ireland

ok, I’ve been shooting for a very long time… i love gear, gadgets and the newest-latest-greatest anything that comes along……

i also love the old days, the retro feel of film, and i miss my leica m6 cameras….

in todays professional world – i just don’t shoot film, haven’t for years….. I may pump a roll through my Holga or crank out a polaroid or two… but for work and travel – is all digital all the time…

Sooooooo – when Fuji started releasing cool digital retro rangefinders, like the Fuji X100 … I was first in line to buy….

Fast forward to a few years and countless cameras later… I have put together the kit that I am taking with me on a trip to Ireland. I have had all the Fuji rangefinders that they have released, and I simply love them all…

Today, I am shooting with a Fuji x100t, the camera with a fixed 35 mm lens, and a fuji xPro2… which is arguably my favorite camera EVER!

As a professional, the xPro2 has dual card slots, allowing me redundant image saving… key if I am shooting anything that people are paying me for….

the lenses are tack sharp, file sizes are huge, camera is small and completely manual…..

I have a collection of sense for the xPro2, including the 14, the 35, the 85 (all of which Im leaving behind when headed to Ireland) and the 10-24 zoom and the 55-135 zoom…..

The two zooms will be the perfect combination for travel photography. The 135 reach is just enough…. and the cliche is “if your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough” or something like that – regardless… If I want to get zoomier – i’ll just get closer…..

All of this gear fits beautifully in my Ona Bag…. the leather satchel that is the PERFECT travel carry on… the older I get , the less i want to carry…..

Other details, I’ll carry a journal, paper and pen… old school – i know…… and a sd card reader for my iPhone… so i can ingest and polish some images while in the hotel each night….

I’ll be traveling the Irish countryside for 10 days, and i am giddy excited about what I’ll be seeing….

Stay tuned for updates!