2016 Pictures of the Year - 196,000+ images

What a year.... not without its ups and downs..... photographically speaking, things went pretty well.... my assignments took me across the nation, shooting projects in Oregon, Washington DC and North Carolina. Personal projects/vacation took me to Ireland for an amazing journey through the southern part of the country. I shot for Major League Baseball, LedgeLoungers, Bronte' fashion house, People Magazine and oodles of others.... According to my catalogue software, I shot more than 196,000 images while on Advertising, Editorial, Portrait and Architecture assignments in 2016.

Another project in 2016 that I'm super proud of is a short real estate themed lifestyle sales movie that i directed and produced. It can be viewed by clicking here - https://www.stevenmartine.com/video/2016/12/8/83-s-river-road

To spare anyone eyes from falling out... I've quickly edited a gallery of highlights from the year... enjoy and share.... Happy New Year!